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Pocket Watch Mini Album

Pocket Watch Mini Album

This mini album I created for a Father's Day greeting from the cat (don't judge me!) but you could make it to suit any occasion you wanted.

I used - ChipboardPlain cardstockViva Decor Ferro paintsGilding waxes (Creative Expressions)Patterned paperSizzix Alterations Movers & Shapers Dies - Pocket Watch, CirclesEmbossing Folder

I covered a piece of black card with several colours of Ferro paint, spreading a thin layer as smooth as possible with a palette knifeI die cut the watch twice, once without the central circle in place and once with, out of the black catd and four times out of the chipboard, twice with the central circle die in place and twice without, and twice out of patterend paper, again once with the central circle cut out and once withoutI concertina-folded a piece of the black card so that it was just narrower than the diameter of the watch die and placing it carefully with the folds at the top and bottom of the die just inside the cut line, die cut it so that it remained connected at the folds.I embossed the Ferro'd pieces with an embossing folder and highlighted the texture with a spot of gilding wax.

I cut the winder off the textured cover piece and glued it to the chipboard cover. I kept the bit I cut off to use later. I glued the textured frame to the front of the chipboard frame.

I cut the "winder" piece off one of the solid watches to make the cover of the watch. I hinged the three pieces together by sticking small pieces of black card to either side of the frame. (I used Cosmic Shimmer glue)

I glued one of the magnets to the front to the frame piece, just below the winder. This will be the closure that holds the frame to the cover. To accommodate the magnet, I cut a section out of the second chipboard frame and glued it on top of the first. I covered the front of the frame with the textured piece.I glued another magnet to the other side of the frame, higher up the winder, and glued the corresponding magnet to the back piece - this will hold the frame closed.

Then I put another magnet on top of the first one, making sure I had the polarity right, put glue onto the back of it, and then closed the cover onto it. I left it alone to stick firmly.

I covered the extra winder piece with the Ferro'd piece I cut off the cover.

Finally, I glued the concertina fold card onto the back of the watch, covered the exposed board with patterned paper, and added my photos and some decorations