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Part-Cut wafer-thin dies

How to make a part-cut with wafer-thin dies

If you have a die-cutting machine and wafer-thin dies (e.g.Spellbinders) vou can use the to cut part of your cardstock to create shaped flaps (e.g. for an easel card), like the example on the right . It's surprisingly easy to do.

Every die-cutting machine relies on making a "sandwich" of die, material to be cut and cutting plates to apply pressure. If there isn't enough pressure, the die won't cut.

Put the piece you want to cut on your cutting plate. Position the die where you want it to cut and tape in place (I'm using mini Post-it notes, which are just sticky enough to hold everything in place but not too aggressive). Put the top plate over the card at the point where you want the cut to start and run the whole thing through your machine. (I find it easier to work with the cutting edge of the die face down as it's easier to see - however, it will work the other way up if you prefer).

If you want an embossed edge all around your aperture, just emboss the die as you would normally (I'm using the No More Shims mat, which is just brilliant and saves an awful amount of faffing with different plates and mats).

The die will only cut where there is sufficient pressure, so by only sandwiching part of your project you will get a partial cut.

Now, you might think that doing this would cut the bit you didn't want to cut, but have faith, it''ll be OK. (This is optional - if you don't want an embossed edge just don't bother with this part. The die-cutting police will not come round to sort you out.).